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24-Hr Emergency: 651.412.5500

Minnesota Emergency Communications Team is actively seeking recruits for our disaster relief teams. Excellent candidates are returning military with honorable discharge. Must love helping all kinds of people. Team Leaders and Trainers are needed.

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Quick Statistics

2 out of the 175 pedestrians who were killed in Minnesota and 183 of the 4,405 pedestrians who were injured were using a wheelchair or other personal convenience device.  Many mobility devices are not equipped with proper lighting, and reflective materials either due to ignorance of the law; a lack of cost-effective materials; or lack of availability.

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Welcome to Minnesota Emergency Communications Team

The Minnesota Emergency Communications Team ("Mincom Team") is a volunteer 501(c)(3) organization located in North Oaks, MN.  This site is under construction in some areas. Please be patient with us as we build it out.

Mission statement: Minnesota Emergency Communications Team provides emergency communications and disaster relief services to the community with a specialty of disability services within these environments.  Our organization also provides non-disaster programs, while serving our entire community with pride.

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us in providing services to the disabled community, as well as equipment donations.  If you can assist or to learn more about how you can help, please contact us at 651.376.0200. 

So, thanks for visiting The Minnesota Emergency Communications Team's official website.  Here's a little more information about our different programs for the disabled commumity.

Project Lifesaver Program

Minnesota Emergency Communicataions Team is now a Project Lifesaver International Authorized Search Partner serving Ramsey County and surrounding areas.

The Project Lifesaver program helps bridge the gap for protection and safety to locate loved ones of all ages who wander due to dementia, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, autism, Down syndrome and other related illnesses.

Project Lifesaver is specifically meant for those with a diagnosis of:

If your loved one fits one of these diagnoses contact us for an individual evaluation. Learn more here: Project Lifesaver.

Trap Ride Program

Trap Ride is to provide low-cost transportation of a disabled person's Assistive Mobility Device in certain situations where the consumer and/or chair are stranded and/or separated from one another. Trap Ride is NOT a taxi service.

Our Trap Ride Fundraising Campaign is currently underway. Your donations are appreciated.  Every cent of the monies raised go into the Trap Ride program to ensure that the service is low-cost and/or free of charge to the disabled communities we serve.  Please click on the link and give generously to keep this program open.  More...

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Mobility Awareness Safety System

The Mobility Awareness Safety System is a custom-built lighting system that allows a consumer using a mobility device to have an extra layer of security while moving about their daily lives. 

Many mobility devices are not equipped with proper lighting, and reflective materials either due to ignorance of the law; a lack of cost-effective materials; or lack of availability. Our Mobility Awareness Safety System will address and create solutions for this problem. More...

MinCom Team's Disaster Relief Program

Third is our disaster relief program that can assist the disabled community with power, communications, medical supplies, medical support staff, ambulance first aid and more.  Among other things, the Minnesota Emergency Communications Team's  Command Center is fitted out with a complete communications center to assist in times of disaster relief.  The command center vehicle was graciously donated by HealthEast and outfitted with the required radio communications devices donated by HealthEast and Infinity Radio.  Additionally HealthEast has donated a Mobility Van to the organization.  Both vehicles may be used for Trap Ride and or during Emergency Communications exercises, drills and actual emergencies where radio communications are required. Read More...