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Welcome to Minnesota Emergency Communications Team

Mission statement: Minnesota Emergency Communications Team will provide emergency communications and disaster relief services with a specialty of disability services, and we will do this through teamwork and leadership; while serving our entire community with pride.:

  • The Minnesota Emergency Communications Team is a volunteer agency that provides emergency communications and disaster relief services to the community with a specialty of disability services during these environments.  Our organization also provides non-disaster programs.

  • At this time the Minnesota Emergency Communications Team would like to introduce its non-emergency programs. First our Trap Ride program which is a non-medical but an emergency based program to assist in situations such as a broken down mobility device. Taxicabs are not always an option due to the excessive costs involved when there is a fixed income in place, we can help. What if there is a medical emergency while you were out in the community and the paramedics cannot transport your chair or scooter. This is where we can help, let Minnesota Emergency Communications Team bring it to you. We hope to have this service available late spring 2014. For full details click on the link above or visit our services page.

  • Secondly the Minnesota Emergency Communications Team would like to showcase our Mobility Awareness Safety System. This product is a custom-built lighting system that allows a consumer that requires a mobility device to have an extra layer of security while moving about their daily lives.  Here is some interesting but sad to statistics that clearly illustrates the need for safety lights for everyone who uses a mobility device.

    The startling statistics from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety show that in the past five years, two out of the 175 pedestrians who were killed in Minnesota and 183 of the 4,405 pedestrians who were injured were using a wheelchair or other personal convenience device.  Many mobility devices are not equipped with proper lighting, and reflective materials either due to ignorance of the law; a lack of cost-effective materials; or lack of availability.

    Our Mobility Awareness Safety System will address and create solutions for this problem. Minnesota emergency Communications Team feels that this statistic is too high.

Minnesota Emergency Communications Team is a 501(c)(3) Organization

The Minnesota Emergency Communicatins Team has recently benefitted from the generosity of HealthEast, who donated an ambulance, a wheelchair accessible van, and multiple two-way radios to the organization to be used in the trap ride program, in the field, and for administrative purposes. This generous donation has positively affected the service level we are able to provide to the community, spefically with their gift of the working ambulance donated in March, 2013.

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We are current.y seeking volunteers to provide community services as well as funding for specific programs, equipment donations, and grants.

Minnesota Emergency Communications Team Recruitment and Openings

The Minnesota Emergency Communications Team is currently recruiting for the following volunteer/stipend positions. We are also seeking full time funding for these positions, as well as volunteer community service workers to provide training in these areas.

  • Public Safety Manager - Law Enforcement or Public Safety Background Required.  See more...
  • Drivers (3) - Experience driving emergency vehicles and following emergency communications dispatch.  See more...
  • General Volunteers - Will assist with Search and Rescue and other organizational duties. See more ...
  • Returning Veterans of War - We need your expertise for training, fundraising and search and rescue. See more...
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